Arbiter 4.0 Elite Available Now!

The Arbiter 4.0 chip is the professional rapid fire and enhancement solution from the Modiify team. With sales of over 1 million in the first year, and now very well known around the world, you won't find any more complete, stable and powerful mod on the market.

Download the Xbox One Arbiter 4.0 instruction manual here

Download the PS4 Arbiter 4.0 instruction manual here

Many other chips out there claim to be faster, have more features, and plain simply copy the Arbiter features such as LT Cancellation, invented by the Modiify Team. The simple fact others copy us is just a complement to how good the chip is.

Key features include rapid fire (fully adjustable speed), auto aim, drop shot, jump shot, fast reload, quick scope, sniper breath, tap shot, auto run, auto spot, kneel shot, akimbo, dual trigger, burst shot and much more.

All chips and controllers come with a full paper manual, as well as instructions, digital manuals and videos can be found at

The controller is very simple to use - hold the right trigger, tap the sync button on the top of the controller a number of times, then release the trigger and you are in a mode. For the advanced users there is every possible mode, feature and combination you can activate to get the perfect enhancement to your gameplay.

Installation Guide & Videos Here